Before making a booking payment you must read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions of booking. If in doubt, or if you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to confirm any details for you. Any form of payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


Carve Bay is owned and operated under Indonesian law and “we”, “our”, “us”, “the Company”, refers to the Company, its agents, representatives, servants, contractors, and employees. 

Prices on our website are based on costs and exchange rates current at the time of publishing. The “Client” refers to “you”, “your”, “yourself”, and any party traveling with “you”. “Commencement” or “Commencing” is defined as being the start date of your packaged trip. 

We reserve the right to alter prices at any time pursuant to the terms and conditions contained herein. Prices and itinerary dates are indicative only and shall not be binding upon us until the Client has paid in full. All published information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing, but please be aware that changes to our trip itineraries can and do occur. We will make every effort to keep the Client informed of any changes, but we cannot be held liable for any alterations or omissions to published itineraries. Please refer to our website ( for the most up to date prices and information.


To secure a booking more than 60 days before Commencement, the Company requires a non-refundable deposit payment of 50% of the total packaged trip price. If there are less than 60 days remaining until Commencement, then we require full payment at the time of booking.

A booking is accepted and becomes confirmed upon us receiving payment in full. It is at this point that a contract between us and the Client comes into existence. Before your booking is confirmed, we reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion, and upon doing so the Company shall be liable to refund any deposited money.

The contract is between the Company and the Client, being the person named on the booking confirmation notification. The contract, including all matters arising from it, is subject to Indonesian law and the jurisdiction of the Indonesian Courts. No employee, contractor, or sub-contractor of the Company, other than a director has the authority to vary or omit any of these terms and conditions or promise any discount or refund to any Client.


We reserve the right to alter prices at any time pursuant to the terms and conditions contained herein. Prices and itinerary dates are indicative only and shall not be binding upon us until the Client has paid in full. 

All published information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing, but please be aware that changes to our trip itineraries can and do occur. 

We will make every effort to keep the Client informed of any changes, but we cannot be held liable for any alterations or omissions to published itineraries. Please refer to our website ( for the most up to date prices and information.


All money due must be paid to the Company not later than 45 days before Commencement.

Upon failure of balance payment to be made within this period the Company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the Client shall be deemed to have forfeited any deposited money paid.

Payments can be made by Credit card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer.

All card payments require and are subject to a 3% surcharge. 


All booking payments made to the Company are non-refundable.

If a trip is cancelled for reasons outside of the control of the Company, for example, due to the occurrence of a natural disaster, an act of terrorism, civil unrest, an act of fraud, or any other act or occurrence causing legal incapacity of the Company to deliver on its part, then the Company will endeavour to reschedule your booking to such time that the Company can deliver. The Client accepts this potential disruption and shall not hold the Company liable in any way.

In extreme circumstances where the Company may ultimately be unable to deliver its services, then the Client accepts this risk and shall not be entitled to seek compensation in such a situation occurring.

No refunds shall be payable if you fail to arrive at the transport link at the agreed time and date provided, or if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun or if you cannot fulfill your planned trip and/or activities due to injury or illness.

No refunds will be payable for any accommodation, transport, activity, meals or services not utilized. Travel insurance is compulsory for all visitors to cover unforeseeable circumstances such as injury, illness, family emergency, flight cancellations, etc (see Clause 8).


If you wish to reschedule contact us as soon as possible. A request to reschedule your booking must be by email.

Fees payable for rescheduling: 

90 days before commencement of the trip – no fee

90-60 days – 25% of the paid deposit. 

Less than 60 days – 50% of the paid deposit

Less than 45 days – reschedule is not possible. 

If any member of a group is prevented from traveling for any reason, the Company may at its discretion, approve a transfer of the booking to another suitable person provided that written notice is given at least 7 days before Commencement. 

No fees will be imposed for this change and the Company shall not be liable for any increase in costs relating to services not directly provided by the Company.


Prices on our website that are not quoted in local currency are based on recent currency conversion rates and are not reflective of our true operational costs which are in Indonesian Rupiah. 

The Company reserves the right to add a surcharge where appropriate to take into account extreme fluctuations in currency exchange rates, a sudden increase in government taxes on the goods or services we provide, or a sudden increase in fuel, or other operational costs. 

However, if the total cost increase is more than 10% of the total packaged trip cost, the client may opt to cancel the booking within 7 days of notification of the surcharge, and the Company shall be liable to pay the client a full refund of all money paid.

Travel Insurance

The Client agrees to take out appropriate travel insurance applicable prior to and during a trip organised by the Company. The Client agrees that it is mandatory that their travel insurance policy covers adequate personal accidents and medical evacuation. The Client is responsible for repatriation expenses, as well as the cancellation, change fees, curtailment, loss of personal effects, and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay, or inconvenience occurring to the client. 

The Client, together with their personal property including baggage, are at all times solely at their own risk. Clients are wholly responsible for arranging their own travel insurance. When purchasing insurance; the client is responsible to ensure that there are no exclusion clauses that may limit protection for the type of activities undertaken during their trip. 

The Client agrees to provide us with their travel insurance provider and policy identification number before visiting and the Client agrees to bring a printed copy of their travel insurance certificate with them while visiting.

The Company is not responsible for health problems arising during your stay.

Passport, visa and Vaccinations

It is the responsibility of the Client to be in possession of a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and ensure they have the correct visas and travel documentation for the entirety of their stay in Mentawai and Indonesia. 

Up to date on inoculations, and preventative medicines, as may be required for the duration of the trip.

Third Parties

The Client acknowledges that the Company contracts with a network of companies, government agencies, and individuals to assist in the running of its trips. To the best of the Company’s knowledge, these third parties are qualified to perform the duties they are contracted to perform. 

However, the Company will not be held liable for any injury including death, damage, loss, financial loss, delay, or irregularity that may occur due to the behaviour of these third parties. The Company does not accept responsibility or liability for any client who contravenes any law or regulation. 

No employee, contractor, sub-contractor, servant, or agent of the Company has authority to vary these conditions. This agreement is governed by the laws of Indonesia.


The Client acknowledges that participating in our trips requires a degree of flexibility due to the remote location, and understands that the itinerary of a trip, accommodation and modes of transport are subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company. 

Should the Company deem it advisable to amend an itinerary for any reason, it may do so by shortening, varying, or rerouting any trip. The client will be bound by these changes and will not hold the Company liable for any perceived loss of enjoyment that may result from such changes. While traveling with the Company, the Client will be bound to accept the authority of the Company at all times. 

You are aware that travel within a group may involve compromise to accommodate the diverse desires and physical abilities of other group members. The Client submits to the authority of the Company to decline, accept, or retain any person as a member of the group at any time, if the Company believes it is acting in the best interests of the group as a whole. 


Travelling with the Company may involve risks above and beyond those encountered in other locations. The vacations we offer may involve dangerous activities including road travel, boat travel in open ocean swells, trail biking, canoeing, surfing in large swells, all of which have inherent risks and dangers that can result in serious injury or death. We endeavour to reduce some of these risks by employing guides with knowledge, but the risks remain inherent in the activities. By payment we deem that you are prepared to accept the risks associated with these activities.  


There are dangers due to the remoteness of our location. We visit some geographical regions where, among other things, the standard of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, cleanliness, medical facilities, telecommunications, and infrastructure may not be of the standard that you are used to or expect. Although we do our utmost to ensure that our drivers adhere to local driving laws and drive carefully and safely, we cannot guarantee your safety and the Company will not be held liable for any loss resulting from road accidents that may occur during your travels. 


By agreeing to these terms and conditions you accept the risks outlined and fully assume the risks of traveling with the Company and release the Company from any liabilities connected to these risks.


Personal Effects

The Company is not responsible for airline board fees or baggage policies. The Company does not accept any responsibility for late arrival or non-arrival of surfboards/surfboard bags or any other luggage. The company does not accept responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any personal belongings. 


If the guest considers that he/she has cause for complaint concerning their stay, the matter should be addressed with Camp Manager.

In such cases, if the Camp Manager considers the complaint valid, a refund may be offered. This will be discussed and approved and might take several weeks to finalise. 

The Camp Manager will not consider claims lodged by the guest upon departure or after return home when it is no longer possible to investigate the complaint effectively.

Social Media

The company has the right to publish, print, license, promote and sell any photo and video taken by the company or its employees during your stay without your specific consent or permission. 



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