Mentawai Islands – Getting Here

A Boat in the Mentawai Islands transporting people to the shoreline

The Mentwai Islands

Getting to the Mentawai Islands is by no means for the faint hearted, but you’re here reading this, so that tells me you’re willing to go the extra mile to surf the World’s most wave heavy location and our island, Masokut, in Northern Mentawai Islands is home to a bunch of World Class waves that many dream of surfing and fewer do!

It’s known as ‘Playgrounds’ for very good reason.

We love our wave, Beng Beng, which is right outside our door, because it welcomes all skill levels. Everyone can take a huge amount of joy and fun from this wave. Not only that it is one of the most consistent waves in the Mentawai Islands – they just keep rolling in… you can read more here about Mentawai Island waves here.

Getting to Carve Bay Mentawai Step By Step

  1. Fly to Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur – you may need a stopover here depending on your arrival times.  
  2. Take a flight from Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur to arrive in Padang on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 
  3. Take a taxi from Padang airport to your accommodation – you will need to stay one night before the ferry departs.  
  4. Go to the ferry terminal to buy your ticket. The fast ferry departs on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday at 0700 – approx 3 – 6 hours depending on the day. Thursday is the fastest transfer.  
  5. On the morning of your departure take a taxi to the ferry terminal arrive by 0630 to load your luggage (see surf board bag weight fees below) 
  6. Arrive at Siberut and be greeted by our surf boat.
  7. From Siberut we will take our camp speedboat to Carve Bay.
  8. Now settle in and relax. Or surf.  

Save the below image is a reminder of how to get to us step by step.

a Step by Step guide of getting to the Mentawai Islands

As you can see it’s quite an epic journey and can be hectic Indonesian style.

You may wonder why people might take selfies with you. It’s to let the person at the next step of the journey recognise you. 

At Carve Bay we can take the hassle out of the return trip logistics for you and organise all your travel and accommodation. You can see our prices here.

There are a couple of additional costs which will be your responsibility 

  • Visa on arrival – 500,000 IDR 
  • Surfboard Bag Fee – this is only for surfboard bags, other luggage is no problem. So if you’ve stuffed your bag with clothes you might consider emptying it.
    • Up to 15kg – 250,000 IDR 
    • +16kg – 460,000 IDR 
    • + 21 kg – 690,000 IDR 
  • Surf Tax – 1 Million IDR – The Indonesian Governments tax on foreign surfers.
  • Meals in Padang 
  • Additional cardboard boxes such as food supplies are charged by weight by the Ferry company. These charges can usually be avoided if you grab a canvas shopping bag and take an extras as ‘luggage’.

So that’s getting to Carve Bay in a nutshell and that’s why we recommend staying a minimum of two weeks! 

Find out what to bring here.

The Mentawai Islands is an island chain off the West Coast of Sumatra renowned for its epic surf.
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