What to Bring to Carve Bay Surf Camp

The Painthouse at Carve Bay Surf Camp Mentawai

The Essential Packing List in a nutshell.

In a nutshell you need everything that you would need to go to any surf camp, but to the Mentawai it’s a good idea to consider a little more. At Carve Bay on Masokut Island we are remote. There are two shops which sell snacks, maybe some cigarettes and toiletries. There is no medical centre and no cash machines.

  • Surf kit
  • Important Documents
  • Cash
  • Medical Kit

So know lets delve a little further into what to bring to a Mentawai Surf Camp. We have attached a downloadable and fillable pdf to give you guidance, you may want to bring more, but we don’t recommend less.

Surf Kit

We suggest you bring a minimum of two surf boards, spare leashes and fins with you to be safe. The breaks are close to reefs – dings can and do happen regularly.  Read about our waves here.

Dr Ding is on only a boat ride away to make repairs and can even repairs a snapped board. But we don’t want you missing any waves because you thought there would be surf supplies on the island. It’s a long trip back to Padang.

Some surf board swaps, purchases can go on between guests, but we wouldn’t be counting on it.

Medical Kit

Your board might get dinged and so might you. Please bring plenty of iodine, creams and dressings for any potential reef cuts – they can get infected very quickly here in the warm environment. 

We also recommend speaking with your Doctor about antibiotics for ear, wound, urinary tract infections and anti-fungal medicines – it is very warm and humid; bacteria and fungus love to visit us as much as you do and we want you to be prepared for any eventuality and remain comfortable throughout your stay with us. 

You might also talk to your Doctor about sea sickness medication for the ferry crossings – now and again they can be a little rough, which is generally good news for the surf. 

If you are on regular medication ensure that you have enough to cover your stay and more. There is a remote possibility if a storm blows in your departure might be delayed and we want you to be covered. 

We do request a copy of your travel insurance that covers remote evacuations and obviously surfing. Also if you have any medical conditions or allergies to inform us before so we can make relevant provision.


The sun is super strong at our surf camp – good sun protection is essential in the form of clothes, hats, creams/blocks and after sun.

Bring some warm kit, a sweater or a coat. If the wind is up and a storm is coming it can get chilly and you might feel it more if you’ve been in the sun all day. 

Long sleeves and trousers are useful – for the jungle if you decide to go exploring and for the evenings particularly if the mossies are fond of you. 


Don’t forget all the usuals and sun screen to cover the duration of your stay. There are sachets of soaps and shampoos in the shop but it’s a walk from the surf camp and they really aren’t going to last you very long and could be expensive.

Mosquito repellent is highly recommended for the evenings.

Ladies don’t forget any feminine products as these also cannot be guaranteed. 


Any extra snacks or drinks that you just can’t live without then please do bring with you, carry it in a bag, and you shouldn’t have to pay any extra on the ferry. 

If you have any other questions at all then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Yours in Surf and Safety 

Carve Bay


What to bring to Carve Bay Surf Camp
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