World Class Surf Breaks

Ebay barrels and world class surf breaks in northern mentawai islands

We’re definitely biased about our home break, which you couldn’t get any closer to if you are staying at Carve Bay, but there are other epic World class surf breaks in the ‘playgrounds’ area. 

Let’s start by telling you about our wave, Beng Beng, and then work our way around the main breaks on Masokut Island. There are a number of other lesser known waves which we will leave for another time:

Beng Beng 

Super fun left and one of the most consistent waves in the Northern Mentawai. It works throughout the tides and breaks near enough every day thanks to a wide swell window and good shelter from the winds, if there’s a rideable wave anywhere in the Playgrounds area then Beng Beng should be breaking. 

Low intermediate surfers will appreciate it’s generally forgiving nature to get up to speed with Mentawai reef breaks whilst the more advanced surfers will love it’s long walls and rippable sections. 

Mentawai Islands - BengBeng Wave as seen from Carve Bay World Class Surf Breaks


Our closest neighbour and a twenty minute walk from Carve Bay. On the occasions when a big swell is running and Beng Beng is maxing out then the more advanced among us will take the walk down to Ebay. 

‘Proper Ebay’ doesn’t happen so often but if you are lucky enough to get a good sized swell with a bit of west in it and the right winds then it is a world class wave offering multiple heavy barrel sections and a hungry shallow inside reef around the famous boulders you might have seen in surf movies.

Surfer coming out of a barrel at Ebay World Class surf break in northern mentawai playgrounds surf spot


A popular and fun machine like right. Pitstops is another fifteen minute walk from Ebay village.

Bank Vaults 

One of the poster waves of the Mentawai. Bank Vaults is a serious right hander wave that breaks out of deep water onto a shallow reef. 

Not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced but for those up to the challenge it offers a chance of once in a lifetime rides that will blow your mind.

Check out Nipussy in the foreground and Bank Vaults behind.


Located on the inside of the Bank Vaults reef complex Nipussy gives a less intimidating taste of Indian Ocean power than it’s big brother.

Being on the southern side of the island and exposed to the elements there’s almost always swell and when the wind is right it has big racing walls and barrels. 

Nipussy and Bank Vaults are walkable from Carve Bay in about an hour and fifteen if you’re motivated, or a more comfortable boat ride.

A surfer on Nipussy World Class Surf Breaks in the Northern Mentawai Islands

Burger World

This right hand point break is located on a nearby island but worth mentioning as it is extremely exposed and the go to spot on the rare occasions everywhere else is flat. 

We hope you enjoyed our round up of our closest World Class Surf Breaks which are either walking distance or a boat ride away from Carve Bay.

Check out our guide for what to bring here. and how to get to the Mentawai Islands world class surf breaks here.

AND for some inspiration check out Josh Kerr’s aerial assaults in The Ments to celebrate his retirement here.

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